We improve the SME business performance

Specialized professionals who understand our customers’ needs and problems.


SonSer has been created for being part of your company

SonSer provides outsourcing alternatives for all business management processes, by offering
personalized and tailored services according to the specific needs of our clients. SonSer intends to provide our customers an improvement on their management process, as well as to offer a wide marketing and internationalization plans for achieving a growth on the client’s business.

We provide our clients an improvement in their management processes while reducing their fixed costs.

SonSer's main offer of services is based on a total or modular service for the client's administrative and management services, as well as a large-scale marketing and internationalization plan services for the client's business growth.

We rely on the experience and knowledge on company management, marketing and sales (specialized in the export segment) of our team of managers; they will always seek to integrate into the client's objectives, blending in with their needs and cooperating together to develop their growth and improvement.

For being able to understand each of our clients’ needs and problems, SonSer is formed by a group of professionals specialized in each of the areas we offer.


Empathy is the cognitive ability to perceive, in a common context, what another individual may feel and need at all times. Well this is SonSer.

Based on 4 untouchable values:

Closeness and unity

We are a close and accessible team for our clients and their own; that is why we are in constant contact.

Commitment, responsibility and involvement

We make the interests and needs of our clients our own.

Passion and optimism

We put the maximum enthusiasm in our work and in developing a joint project with our clients, because what we like the most are the celebrations of their successes.

Customer satisfaction

Be trained and continue to do so, so that each of our clients trust us and feel unique.


SonSer is aimed at self-employed workers and small companies to whom the outsourcing of these management services, due to the lack of time, knowledge, specialization and/or economic resources, provides them a competitive advantage in time, cost and/or economic growth, by enabling the concentration of their efforts in the main activities of the company; Thus, such convergence increases the effectiveness, precision and quality in the development of the SME’s business goal.

SonSer Management

Division that deals with both total and modular outsourcing in:

Administration Management:

  • Financial control.
  • Customer’s relationship management
  • Payment management

Marketing and Social Media Management.

Purchasing Management:

  • Control and monitoring of suppliers

Quality Control.

Management Control:

  • Cost reduction studies

SonSer Internationalization

Division that helps companies on developing part of their business activities abroad, by offering:

  • International market research services.
  • Assistance and consultancy in foreign trade.
  • Internationalization plans (total or segmented).
  • Support in international tenders.
  • Commercial translation services.

SonSer Trading

Division in charge with the commercialization, trading and distribution of products and services, both nationally and export/import.

SonSer becomes the sales force of our customers, by dealing with the entire process of selling.

Competitive advantages


Service differenciated

The SonSer staff is an expertize in commercial techniques and administrative management. They act as a spokesperson for the client's brand

Experience and specialization

We have large experience in the management of the services we offer in several diverse sectors of private companies

Customised service

SonSer offers tailored and flexible solutions according to each client needs and requirements


SonSer listens to their clients demands and requirements, for “putting itself in their shoes” and taking actions on their behalf

Great involvement

Total integration at the company itself (client), by adapting our way of working to its idiosyncrasy and working on its behalf

Quality and diversity

Knowledge synergies in all management areas of the SonSer team ensure a complete and high-quality service

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